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Virtual Custom Scent Consultation

We're delighted to provide you with custom fragrance creation through technology!  

During your Virtual Scent Consultation, one of our expert team members will help you create the perfect custom scents for you. To help you prepare for this 15 minute consultation (through Zoom), we recommend reviewing our collection of 120+ fragrances and what products you can create.

The consulation is complimentary with your purchase of any of our products. Plus, shipping is free with orders of $30 or more. Our team member will be taking your order during the consultation, so please have your credit card and shipping information ready.

We look forward creating with you soon!

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Custom candles you can create during your consultation

8 oz white

8 oz black

8 oz amber

8 oz clear with black lid

8 oz green

8 oz cobalt

Custom home & body products you can create during your consultation

Mediterranean spa salt

2 oz fragrance oil (for mist diffusers)

7 oz wax tart

2 oz fragrance spray (skin safe)

If you've burned through your custom candles or used your favorite fragrance spray and are ready for more, we're here to help! Also, if you have any questions before your call, please email