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Scent your business
The Candle Fusion Studio

Scent your business

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Our sense of smell is the most evocative sense we have. Because smell is tied to our limbic system, it associated with memory, emotion and fear. Scientists have proven the link between smell and the way we think and feel.

A growing trend among businesses is the incorporation of the persuasive sense of smell in their brand identity and client appreciation. Using custom fragrance in a corporate setting is a unique differentiator. From hand-poured client gifts to an exclusive scent for your business, we have many options to apply the powerful sense of smell. Learn more. 

Also, The Candle Fusion Studio provides a fantastic team-building experience. Your team will love the unique, hands-on creativity together. With a private room on-site, our studio is a perfect place for your training session, retreat and meeting. Our private room features all the amenities you'll need - technology, dry erase board, custom table/chair arrangement. 

We look forward to helping you create something incredible for your business. To learn more, please call or email us.

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